Exit Games Gent Alcatraz

Alcatraz 1

The maximum security prison where famous inmates as Al Capone and the 'Birdman' are haunting the corridors. The management is convinced that no one can ever escape this "Hell"... at least not alive.

3-8 persons
60 minutes
66% success rate

Don’t get caught!

In one of the high security cells resides a very special prisoner, which you claim to be innocent...isn’t it? Anyway, your escape-plan is already in progress. Thanks to a corrupt guard, you manage to get very close to his cell. Now it's up to you, but time is limited! You only have 60 minutes ... or Alcatraz irrevocably closes its doors again, with some unexpected extra prisoners on its "guest list".

Our pricing
2 players
€ 40 p.p.
3 players
€ 30 p.p.
4 players
€ 25 p.p.
5 players
€ 22 p.p.
6-8 players
€ 20 p.p.

Our prices include all taxes (VAT).

There is no extra charge (not even for credit card payments).

You get exclusive access to one of the games for a maximum of 60 minutes. Attention: We expect you 15 minutes in advance. If you come late, the game timeframe can be shortened in order to respect the start times of any subsequent participants.

Furthermore, you will be provided free access to a locker, to store your personal belongings.

The larger the group, the more fun...and the cheaper per person!


Our 2 identical Escape Games, Alcatraz 1 and 2, can be played simultaneously. So gather your friends and have a breathtaking competition against each other!