The Great Detectives Exit Games Gent

The great detectives

The most talented detectives from all over the world are unable to get a consensus in a very strange and mysterious matter. You, their loyal assistants, are taking over their investigation…but without their approval. So hurry up, cause those top-detectives have only paused for about 1 hour.

2-8 persons
60 minutes
52% success rate

Are YOU the best detective ever?

Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple,…these are just some of the most famous detectives who gathered here in all haste to solve a strange enigma. Despite their specific expertise, they still failed to find a solution. Stunned and having severe discussions, they decided to have a small break to get some rest. You, as assistants of those top investigators, can make the most of this opportunity, by doing your own little research. But hurry, because within an hour they will be back and they absolutely do not tolerate 'busybodies'.

Our pricing
2 players
€ 40 p.p.
3 players
€ 30 p.p.
4 players
€ 25 p.p.
5 players
€ 22 p.p.
6-8 players
€ 20 p.p.

Our prices include all taxes (VAT).

There is no extra charge (not even for credit card payments).

You get exclusive access to one of the games for a maximum of 60 minutes. Attention: We expect you 15 minutes in advance. If you come late, the game timeframe can be shortened in order to respect the start times of any subsequent participants.

Furthermore, you will be provided free access to a locker, to store your personal belongings.

The larger the group, the more fun...and the cheaper per person!


Show the top-detectives who’s the real talent in the team!
Gather your team now and start this investigation.