Exit Games Teambuilding


What a thrill to escape together form the evil menaces of a crazy professor, the strict controlling of ruthless prison guards or from the complex intrigues of the most famous detectives of the world! Cooperate to reach a common goal and stimulate each other to find solutions; that is essential!

Exit Games Ghent can accept up to 46 players simultaneously to play our 6 challenging Escape Games. The ideal group activity to test the strength of your team and to generate a positive teamspirit that will affect the group forever!

Does your team dear to be challenged?

Young, old, experienced or ‘newbee’,…it does not matter. Diversity in the team and a positive interaction are much more important. No physical efforts are required to make this teambuilding successful. Each participant can play an important role in the group. Let your team-members play the main role in a unique, challenging group-activity which is accessible for everyone!

A lot of teambuilding-events were already organized at Exit Games Ghent!

Ivan De Wilde
Dit was een heel uitdagend spel waar ik en mijn vrienden ons rot hebben geamuseerd!
Ivan De Wilde - Marketingdirecteur, Ivan & co
Tom Van de Putte
Zeker een aanrader om met collega's deze klus te klaren! Het was een leuke ervaring!
Tom Van de Putte - Directeur, VDP N.V.


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